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the Round Robin Edition 9 – Quilt Alongs and Block of the Months

happy monday.

Just in case you weren’t aware…but this month — this week, it’s on Saturday!!  is NATIONAL QUILT DAY!!!

oh yeah.  Any cause for sewing I’m all about.

So, because of this- today’s email is a little bit of a review of wonderful quilt alongs as well as an ANNOUNCEMENT of a quick, quilt along that I hope you’ll join in sewing!

in the sewing room

As you saw last week, I finished up a quilt for a blog hop for Bernartex and Shelley.  The fabric showed up on a Thursday and by Friday it was on the frame getting quilted (I have a long arm quilting machine).  phew! Talk about a quick turnaround.

I am not complaining though as the fabric was wonderful to work with and easy on the eyes.  Those colors!! They are just as deep as they seem.  Such beautiful tone to it.   The prints as well as just as perfect.

today’s topic quilt alongs and block of the months

These, I’m a big fan of.  They are such a wonderful way to get started into quilting.

You are sewing along with others— you can see the pattern ahead of time, making it not as stressful.

Typically they are put out at on a timeline that is sewable and doable and followable . 🙂

Big, big fan.

This year I’m actually participating in a few.  There is the one on the blog- Three’s Company.  I’m sewing up a second quilt along the way and loving how it is looking so far!

The second QAL is in a modern quilt group I attend….it’s based on Gee Bend Quilts.  Totally free sewing and improv.  Every month there is a topic of block we have to sew. Example- February was plus sign blocks +   so fun!


  • read the instructions carefully.  Follow what is given and don’t try to assume you know or jump to the next step.
  • when picking your fabric, follow the suggestions! If it says high contrast…make sure you are using high contrast colors. What kind of print should it have? Big? small? tone on tone?
  • ask questions.  This is the total reason it’s called a quilt along….because you are quilting along with others! They are there to help- let them. Ask questions, help and answer others when they ask. Share what you have done and what step you are on.
  • keep up– as best as you can.  I find that sometimes I sew in chunks of time…and things get a little piled up and then they are all sewn. Falling behind isn’t a bunch of fun, especially if it moves at a quick pace. Just do your best.

sew it

and now….for the only excuse of it’s quilting day, week, month— let’s do a quick Quilt Along, Mystery style.

Don’t let that mystery part worry you though, you’ll do fine!

So excited to see how your blocks turn out and what your finished quilt looks like with the fabric you chose!

image of it..

Here’s a quick look at the details:

finished size: 47″ X 47″

start and end date of the quilt along mystery: March 2nd- 27th

how many steps— how often is it being posted?  Materials will be posted March 2nd, then each step will go out on a Tuesday and Friday until the 27th (reveal day)

something fun

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quilty chit chat

There have been a few fun projects posted in the Quilting 101 fb group.

The Three’s Company  your blocks are flying in and they are sooo wonderful to see! Are you sewing along?

Join the group for free here.

For all the Round Robin editions- visit here.

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