sewing with vinyl hints and tips plus a video
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Tips for Sewing with Vinyl + Video

Sewing with vinyl can be tricky!  with a capitol T.

Are you like me?

Do you find your sewing machine foot just loves to stick to the vinyl.  Not move.  Get all gummed up and then you end up pulling the vinyl with your other hand trying to coax it through the feed dogs area?

Not the funnest thing on the planet!

Now, what do you use vinyl for?  Well- those super cute clear bags!  They usually have a zipper along the top to keep everything inside.  But the main thing is – it’s clear and you can see what you have inside.

These clear bags are perfect for packing sewing kits, notions, threads, bobbins, or english paper piecing- No forgetting the project.  You can see right inside of it!

Here are a few hints for sewing with vinyl– 

Sewing with Vinyl – hints & tips + video

  • Use the tissue paper it comes with to keep the pressure foot from sticking
  • Set your sewing machine to a larger stitch length.  You don’t want the stitch to perforate the vinyl- if that happens it will make the vinyl pull apart at the seam.  That’s not any good.
  • This is a new one for me- use tape on the bottom of your sewing machine pressure foot.  I give this a try in the video…you’ll have to watch if it works of not!
  • Use clips– not pins.  Pins leave a hole that you won’t be able to hide.  The red clips are perfect for this project.  Use the clips with the flat edge on the bottom so it won’t get caught on the sewing machine table

Looking for a vinyl bag project?  Here are over 20 clear bag tutorials

This isn’t clear…but it’s cute!  Cover your composition book with this cute cover.

Use red clover clips instead of pins.  They are great for holding things in place without poking a hole through the vinyl!

Oil cloth is treated very similar to vinyl.  Here are over 20 projects using oil cloth you can sew as well.

sewing with vinyl hints and tips plus a video

Do you have any tips for sewing with vinyl?


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