Swirling Flowers Meandor Machine Quilting Pattern

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i finished up a quilt for Angie— she is donating it at a fund raising party in Idaho this next weekend {can't remember what it is for} and so i donated my quilting. 

We went for simple and cute — she used the turning 20 quilt pattern– so super simple. I love the pattern and the fabric are totally cute and summer time fresh.

I decided with the quilting to go with an overall pattern. But, i didn't want just a meandor– so i went with Swirling flowers~

do you see the flowers and the meandor? I drew it up for you just in case:

It's kind of a nice way to cover big ground without a lot of complication.  Plus, if you quilt yourself into a corner {nope, i never do that} Then you can loop back over again and start somewhere you want to be or— you can just go under the flower and come up the other side.  Very easy to transition and travel.

You can make it more interesting by changing directions of the flowers too– and you can fill in the open space with larger or smaller flowers.  Fit them where they need to go. 

Do you have a great over all pattern for machine quilting?  Let me know what it is so i can expand my collection of ideas.

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