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Super Hero Dolls and Shuffle Quilt Pattern

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They are so in love.  That’s what being together all the time- fighting crime.  kissing booboos and cape time does to super heros.  They make friends quick.

This pair of Super Heros are sporting some awesome reversible capes…super simple bodies, and arms to of course hold hands with.

Being 14″ tall from tip of head to bottom of feet they are the perfect size for any little persons hands.doll with reversible capes / patchwork posse #doll #superhero

Super Hero Boy and Girl Doll with Reversible Capes

Now you see her cape one way.  Quick-o Change-O.  Now you see it different. The elastic neck makes them easy to slip on and off.super hero dolls with reversible cape / patchwork posse

This set is all together in one pattern.  Both the boy and the girl- she being such a cutie with her little fun ponies and eyelashes.

The pattern is great for beginners and you can mix and match the fabric and pick skin tones. The eyes are wool felt {kid friendly} and the arms are sewn into the side.  This makes them a little more play friendly and won’t fall apart when flying through the air.

Along with the dolls and capes, there is a new quilt pattern too– and a pillow!


Shuffle Quilt Pattern and Strip Pillow

Finished size: 44″ Square

The blocks are big and great for larger print fabric.  There are 9 blocks total– and seriously if your sewing machine can go fast, you could make this in one day.

Starting off with 9″ X 10 1/2″ blocks you will be shown how to shuffle a few things around and make up this extra large quilt block.  Don’t be afraid though, it’s not that complicated or difficult.  It’s a great way to mix and match a line that you are in love with and want to show off.   This would be great for a little stack of fat quarters!

The pillow uses the little bits that were cut off when piecing the quilt together.  What to do- what to do?  How about sewing them up into a raggy edge strip pillow.  Super easy sewing projects- both of them!

shuffle strip pillow pattern / patchwork posse

With this quilt I decided to go basic with the quilting.  Keeping it fun with circles or pebbles as they are called.  The pillow measures 13″ X 10″ but really you can adjust to the size you need, using the process of the raw edge strip piecing on the front.

Both patterns can be found here or here. {hurry, and be the first to spot the steal of a deal price!}

Let me tell you a little bit about the fabric— it’s from Modern Yardage.  They have taken the concept of print to order and ran with it.  Their list of talented designers is always growing and their designs– well go take a look for yourself.  They are spec-tac.  Because it is print to order, the design will never be ‘retired’ or ‘out of print’ or darn you don’t have 2″ of the one pattern to finish your quilt so it sits on the shelf for 10 years.  {that never happens to me}.  If you need more- you order it!  What a lovely concept don’t you think?

They print the 44″ designs on 58″ wide fabric– which has a pattern printed in it if you want too! Super large spot of selvage to print those bonus patterns, and care instructions.  {which aren’t really anything different, just good to know kind of stuff about fabric}.  The print is right on line and you will get what you order.  Nothing is shorted….yay for buying the size I asked for!

The line I was so lucky to sew and design with was from Emily Daly.  I learned {after hanging out one evening with her} that she sets a goal every 10 years.  This 10 marks the -I am going to be a fabric designer.  I love it!  So, here she goes.    She has 2 color ways with this design- a blue and a pink.

You can find the pink fabric in an patchwork skirt here.

Also- did you know that I offer a $2 buck pattern each month to subscribers?  Oh yeah– don’t miss out on it!  Sign up for it here {free and I don’t sell your name}

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    The super heroes are adorable! And that quilt is awesome! Thank you so much for breathing life into my designs!

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