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Spring Posies Quilt Block Tutorial

Even though there is snow on the ground— I still believe in Springtime!!!  How about a quick tutorial on how to make the spring posies quilt block. It is a simple and easy pattern for beginners. Make them all matchy-matchy or get those scraps out for a scrappy patchwork crafts.

Give it try and maybe if enough of us make one we will speed the snow away and bring the sunshine back! Get stitching girls— I am tired of winter weather.

Spring Flower Applique

Spring Posies Quilt Block

Materials needed:

Center square— 9″ X 9″

Outside triangles— 10″ X 10″

green scraps for stems and leaf

scrap squares for your posies

Cut your circles:

2— 4 1/2 circle

1— 3 1/2 circle

* you can really do whatever size you choose though….try them out and do what you like.

1)  Taking a needle and thread {with a knot at the end} start a running stitch.  Fold over that outside edge to the inside and then do the stitching.  This will hide the raw edge inside the yo-yo perfectly.

flower how to

2) Pull the thread tight cinching up the center.

sewing a flower for spring

3) Cinch the center tight and take the thread to the back. Stitch a few times {it won’t show} and tie a knot.

Flower Applique

4) Place yo-yo on the block and stitch along the outside edge. Just catch the edge so it doesn’t show.

sewing a flower

This is what the back of the block will look like. See how you skip along on the back–not on the front.

Sewing a quilt block

5) Repeat with the other 2 yo-yo’s.  The smaller of the 2 will be on the top, or play with the placement as you like.

Spring Flowers

6) Cut 3 strips of green fabric 1/2 inch wide X 10″ long. Place them below the yo-yo and meet them together at the bottom. Trim to the length needed. Stitch down the center by machine.  Snip the edges so they will go all shaggy-like.

7) Cut 1 leaf and stitch just along the outside edge. This too will go all shaggy.  It measures approx:  3″ long by 2″ wide or so.

Spring Applique

8) Take the 10″ X 10″ square and cut 2 diagonels so you will have 4 triangles.   Sew one to each corner of the square.  The long sides will fit the edges. Make sure those edges run past the corners of the block. They will need to be there so the points won’t get cut off!

Spring Posies Quilt Block


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