Spring Chick Pattern | easy sewing pattern for #easter #spring | patchwork posse
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Spring Chick Tutorial

With Easter and Spring rolling around, this little Spring Chick is just in time!

Use your grandma’s hankies, embroidered pillow cases, vintage fabric for a classic look.  The pattern is super simple and will take you less than one hour to sew it up!

Spring Chick Pattern | easy sewing pattern for #easter #spring | patchwork posse

One of my favorite parts of Spring are the chicks.  A few years back we picked up a few chicks….and I loved hearing thier chirp chirps and watch them grow.  They are so sweet and are a hoot to watch!

Since we haved moved, we have no chicks.  No big chickens….but for now I can have little chicks hanging out.  They don’t chirp, but are just as cute!

spring chicken

Materials Needed:

Download chick templates – Get the password for the quilter’s resource library including this free pattern!

fabric scraps or vintage fabric of your choice



polyfil stuffing


button-eyes, wings

pinking shears

Instructions for Spring Chick:

Body Instructions:
1) Cut out with pinking shears, front and back of body using templates
2) Lay the body right sides facing out
3) Fold the triangle for the beak in half twice- matching two corners when you fold and tuck in between the layers.
4) Cut 3 ribbons 1/4″ X 2″ and tuck in between the layers at the top of head
5) Sew all the way around -leaving a 2″ opening along the bottom for stuffing
6) Stuff firmly with poly fil stuffing
7) Finish sewing the opening closed
8) Set aside for later

Wing Instructions:
1) Layer batting in between the wing fabric {right sides facing out}
2) Cut out with pinking shears, using template
3) Sew all the way around the wing
4) Repeat with other wing

Finish Instructions:
1) Place a wing on either side of the body of the chick
2) Place a button at the top of the wing and sew in place.
* Sew through the button, wing, body, wing, button and then repeat this until the buttons are secure
3) Sew buttons for eyes

spring chicken

Great for beginner sewers…or advanced!   Sew up a bunch and throw in a bowl for decoration, hang from your door wreath, or give to neighbors as a quick Springtime surprise.


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  1. Anne

    Cute!!! I especially the one made from vintage linens! I’ve got a Craft Gossip post scheduled for later this morning that links to your tutorial:


  2. Lilly Carroll

    love these chicks!

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