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How To Sew Hexagons To The Background Fabric Video

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Today, I’m sharing a quick video on how you get those hexagons to the background fabric. I mean, you have a bunch– maybe a nice little pile accumulating, but what? now what?

I’m not really sure why I don’t do more hexagon hand sewing projects. They are the best thing to carry around. So small, quick to sew and it’s so fun to see them grow into a project.

That last part is my favorite– so fun to see them grow into a project.

It’s never been on my list of to-do’s….a super queen size grandmother’s garden quilt, but I can see the beauty of making them one hexagon at a time.

Maybe sometime in the future, but for now, I’ll keep with the smaller quick, simple and cute projects using hexagons.

 Let’s get those hexagons first sewing into a row (or any other shape you are going for) and then…they need a background piece.

sewing hexagons to background fabric with video

Hint:  it’s a quick stitch around the edges, picking up a little bit of the background along the way around the shape. Super simple and totally doable!

Ready to learn some more about hexagons?  The Hexagon Tutorials & How to’s is a great place to start.

Learn how to sew hexagons. Free templates, techniques and tutorials | Patchwork Posse

Have any tricks or hints for sewing your hexagons to the background of your project?

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