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Round Robin 4 Quilt Top is done- finally

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ok. i totally know that i have been missing in action around here. I have been pre-occupied with getting the schedule into a groove again, firing up the Real Estate thing {no i am NOT moving, but if you would like to ringie-ding me}, having kids around after half day at school, running to sports, and other wonderful activities that have been eating up my time.   

Just in case you are worried- everything is fine. I am alive and yes, i am still working on a wool challenge and the 13th issue -or year 2 of The Sewing Cottage + I am thinking i might be doing some upgrading to my site…..the .com part, not the blog….

now, getting that all over with- on with the good sewing part right?! right.

Let's talk about The last Round Robin shall we?  Round Robin 4.  This quilt is not one that i have loved to sew.  I have been putting it off, putting it off….sewing a little bit. Grumbling.  More putting it off.  I think it really is because i AM NOT an applique-er.  I like it. I appreciate it.  I choose small-ish patterns…not a whole row.  Not 50 petals.  Do you see what i am saying? So when most of the rows of this quilt have ended up that direction {i love all the rows, don't get me wrong} i was a little hesitent at getting that thing finished!  Not to mention i was all over the place with my fabric and colors. That totally didn't help. 

So, here it is:


Quick info on how i finished it–  I added sashing in between each row.  I used red {because that is what i had on hand}.  I was thinking green at first, but couldn't find the right fabric to use out of my stash…so i went with red.  I like how it seperated each row.  Giving it it's own space is totally what it needed too.  All the rows together didn't look very nice at all!

As you can see by now though…..I didn't sew all the rows.  There are 12.  I did 6. ugh! Now girls. I am a bad person for doing this.  Please don't follow my example.  All the patterns for the rows are spec-tac.  but i just couldn't handle dragging this one on longer than i really wanted to and dealing with all the applique!  My issues. Now. As you can also pick up on- i didn't do all the applique on the rows either.  Again. I am a bad person. Don't do this.  but for me. Right now.  I had to just get it put together and ready to go. Somewhere. In a new pile to be quilted…not the pile to be pieced, or appliqued for that matter.

Plus– let me just tell you to look at the top left hand corner. see that angry wasp trying to pull off a beautiful butterfly? Yeah. That's why i don't do applique too-

So, please forgive me oh talented designers whose rows I didn't end up piecing together.  

I have also put all the pdf's together in one place!  Just so you can print them of and sew them up today and not hop back and forth from row to row and post to post.  Plus the last page I announced again who the designers were and the links to their websites. So, please take a moment to look at that page and visit a few of them.  

Along with all that good browsing info I also Put a few finishing instructions on putting the rows together. nothing technical.  Pretty basic.  Take the largest row– or adjust the largest ones to the smaller ones kind of thing. 

The next fun thing coming up is The wool Challenge!! Wait for it…it will be a goodie + next year we will again do another stab at the Round Robin.  I love doing these….really, I do. 

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