Quilting in Color

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When it comes to hand quilting or embroidery work on quilts a lot of us tend to revert back to the traditional color of— white.

quilting in color | patchworkposse #quilting101

I am not a big hand quilter {unless it is small and stitchable within like a few hours} but I do like color and appreciate it when others step out of the traditional box and do their own thing.

Putting together the colors of the fabric are hard enough for me!  I do like buying things in bundles so there is no thought about– do they match? Too many patterns?

When it comes to thread for hand quilting, or machine quilting for that matter…..maybe I would be ok.

For the most part quilting is to accentuate the quilt top itself.  A lot of times it stands out more than the quilt top, other times it hides in the background and doesn’t make much noise.  Depending on what you are going for will help you determine if you will use color or not in your quilting designs.

If you are a hand quilter- here are some great ideas on adding color to your stitches.

big stitch circles 002


 planets of Star Wars pillow

Now- What if you are not a hand quilter? How do you use colored thread for quilting?

Check out these beauties:




Do you dare to use color with your quilting?


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