Glue Sticks and Liquids You Should Have At Your Fingertips

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There are a lot of products out there for quilting and sewing. One of them is Glue. It’s a must have for me.  I have more than enough to have in many places strategically placed around the house.

All about glues for quilting | patchwork posse

I’m all for sticking those small and move-able pieces down.  They always seem to curl up at the corners, or shift just enough to drive me crazy.  Having a handy little bottle or stick of glue around saves a lot of frustration and unpicking.

There are a few that I use all the time and are seriously my favorites.  A few of them are new-ish products and ones that I have found because of suggestions from others.

If you are looking for a quick little gift for sewing friends….these would make wonderful ones! stickglue

Simple Glue Stick : You can easily go with the quick and grab during school supply sales with the glue stick. They do work, but can quickly dry up.
Find the ones that dry clear and are washable.

Super Stik by Thermoweb:  This one I really like a lot better than the others.  Goes on super smooth.  No clumps.  Dries quick and things can easily be moved even after drying if you haven’t used a ton on the fabric.  This is a great product to stick in your travel sewing kit and always have on hand.


I have tried a few different brands and these are my favorites.

Fabric Fuse by Thermoweb.  Love, love this stuff!  A little goes a long way.  It is removable before it dries and sets if you make a mistake…but when it holds, it holds well!  Nothing will fall off after you have glued it down.

Glue Baste It:  This is by Roxanne…and works brilliantly.  The one thing that makes this one different is the accordion style of bottle.  The tip doesn’t ever clog and it is really easy to control how much you get out when you squeeze it. (I can’t find a resource to purchase this, only in the straight bottles)

* as with any glue, let it dry prior to sewing with your machine. It can quickly gum up your needle and bobbin if you aren’t patient and let it dry. (I speak from experience of course)

Do you have a favorite brand or glue product?  How do you use it?

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