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Modern Sewciety Podcast Feature

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Hey hey– I’m so excited about this!!!

A couple of weeks ago I was able to sit on the phone with Stephanie of Modern Sewciety.  She runs an awesome podcast- where she interviews other awesome designers and talented quilters & entrepreneurs like me!

Here it is!!

Check it out– Podcast on Modern Sewciety

Recently I have been having a bit of fun being the interviewer of the guest designers for the quilt group!

sewciety podcast

We chatted it up about the blog– how it started, inspiration, the quilt group and building a community.  For me, it was just as fun to be on the other side and get the questions asked as it was to be the interviewer!

I believe we chatted about this topic–– (taken from a blog post I had written earlier)

I volunteered and was a door person at the food court. That is what i did last time it came to salt lake. and it is fun and all but really you are only looking at the same 4 booths or aisles the whole time! What a drag. They wouldn’t let us walk the rows and chat it up with the goodies you know I would totally chat it up!

I do have to come clean here and admit something.  I was standing there and all of a sudden i was a little vaclempt. lol  I got a bit teary eyed.  Not because I was surrounded by these wonderfully talented people.  Not because of the wonderful goodies my eyes saw. {though these are perfectly good reasons for tearing up}  but because I am fooling myself. 

I was thinking to myself why aren’t i here?  Besides being a door person.  Why aren’t I walking the halls, rows and chatting with the good people of Market world?  What is my issue?  Why don’t I have a business licence? I don’t I have my workshop site up and running again?  What the H E double toothpicks am I doing?  I shouldn’t be getting giddy over volunteering for the show and seeing a tiny corner and be all happy about that.  I should be mixing it up and spreading my patterns and workshop site like a bad cough.

Has this ever happend to you?  It was sort of the wakeup call.  This time I am hopeing that i will not hit the snooze button again.

So, this leads me to some big decisions and some big moves.  By the end of this month the plan is to have things in place so I can properly market, sell and grow. 

This was back in May of 2011.

Boy, have things changed.  I did finally put my big girl pants on, got me all set up as a business- design and sell my own patterns, started the online quilt group, and have the planner.

Other things have been jumping around in my head…trying to sort them all out, but so excited to see the direction, growth and new things coming!

Again– if you’d like to listen to the whole thing check it out here:  Modern Sewciety Podcast with Patchwork Posse

If you are like me and enjoy having something in the background going while you sew… here are other podcasts- Craft Podcasts.


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