mile a minute patterns and layouts to sew with scraps
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Mile a Minute Quilt Patterns

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Awhile back I did a quick video and tutorial showing the Mile a minute quilt method.

It’s so slick & perfect for grabbing into that scrap bag and just sewing, sewing, sewing.

There is no thought process that goes with it, it’s simple line them up- right sides together and sew.

Because of this, you end up with a super scrappy and wonderful quilt.

You can kind of plan ahead by using scraps that are all from the same quilt fabric line or color value.  Either planned or not, it’s perfect for when you need to use up fabric and or make up a quilt really quick.

Mile a Minute Tutorials:

video tutorial

full tutorial with images and how to


fabric -scraps or from the same line or family – pick it up at Connecting threads or Fat Quarter Shop

Supplies you may need:

Now that you have collected and reviewed the process….here are some fun patterns!

mile a minute patterns and layouts to sew with scraps

Mile a Minute Patterns & Layout Ideas

mile a minute quilt tutorial

notice that these are sewn in all kind of directions- similar to a pineapple quilt block version

more info found here

staggered block pacement with black sashing- no corner blocks

more info found here


keep with a color theme – more info found here

no sashing- all blocks are sewn together, more info found here

sashing is cut on an angle to make them look topsy turvey- more info found here

alternate the sashing – this quilt uses purple and green. more info found here

sashed in white and on point, plus a scrappy strip border- more info found here

sashed in skinny black- great way to break up the busy- more info found here

If you are looking for something that allows you to sew to a foundation – then the string method is perfect for you!

It’s all about using those scraps, but sewing them to a foundation piece of fabric first, then trimming if needed and setting in a quilt top. It is a little bit heavier, but will help you keep to a specific size and not get overwhelmed with all the little bits and how they should fit together.

Have a favorite quilt layout for mile a minute blocks?


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