Marion & Keshela – the Backstory

Today’s backstories are from Marion & Keshela (they are members of the online quilt group)

Marion’s Backstory-

I started quilting four years ago when I retired from teaching and to Prince Edward Island. I met lots of wonderful quilters and quickly had a support system. Found a “kayak” buddy among the quilters who became a “kindred” spirit.

I belong to two area guilds and this on- line guild and have not regretted retiring and certainly am not bored!

Quilting has opened a whole new creative world for me and has given me a whole new interesting perspective.

A little bit about Marion-

I’m a 62 year old and while I have sewn before, I planned to try quilting when I retired. Also my Mom was an avid quilter and she gave me the “bug”!

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Keshela’s Backstory-

My grandmother was a quilter and seamstress. Because of her, I wanted to start quilting for the past 20+ years. Last year, January 2015 I started quilting taking classes at my local quilt shop. I am so grateful that I found Sunday Best Quiltworks in Ellerslie, GA.

I found my therapy and creativity at the sewing table. I am a caregiver for my husband who is a veteran of the US army and we have three daughters. The sewing machine has become my outlet for my life.

I am so glad that I finally got started. Searching for fabric, looking at patterns, and taking classes have made me so happy. When I am sad or just need a little bit of encouragement I find myself at the sewing table. This year started out rough for me with a tragedy, but I am grateful to have a quilt group and a sewing machine for part of my therapy.

I can’t wait to start attending quilting retreats. I am so grateful for all the online groups via facebook, pinterest, etc. I love sharing what I made with family and friends.

A little bit about Keshela-

Caregiver, stay at home mom that needed to start doing something for me. The opportunity to learn, grow, and share with other quilters has been a sweet experience.

I find that having an outlet to relieve daily stress and having a hobby that grants so many rewards is great for the mind and body.


These stories are brought to you by the members of the online quilt group.  Become a member to get to know April and all the other talented quilters.  We are a community of members from around the world sharing projects, inspiration and ourselves with others. We would love to get to know you too.  More info here.

Until next time…….

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