Machine Quilting with Dry Erase Markers

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I just though I'd share something that i picked up at HMQS.  I really should have done this a long time ago.  I know i probably knew it, but never used it —Dry Erase Markers with a Top Loader Sheet

You lay a top loader sheet clear, and it's the glossy one– the mat finish doesn't erase as well.  Anyways.  Lay it on the quilt block and then use a dry erase marker to draw with.  Just make sure you don't go off the edge!  Stay away from the edge.

You can try out some different ideas and 'see' what they would look like with the quilt. Pick your favorite and then off you go with the stitching!

I am a free-hand quilter. I don't use many templates {for ideas} or rulers {occasionally i do though} so this is a great idea to try out the idea without having to unpick a bunch of stitches…. you know how that is.

I do wish that i could have a larger sheet protector.  Might have to go see if there is one that is 14" X 14"  that would be great!  Maybe i should just tape a bunch together. hmmmmm

I ended up going with the feather pattern in the top left corner— 

Do you have a favorite way of 'testing' out your quilt designs?

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