Make a Duct Tape pouch | #hexagon #ducttape
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How to Make a Duct Tape Pouch

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How to make a duct tape pouch in a hexagon shape! So cute and simple. Great kids crafts for anytime of year. Band closure keeps all the stuff tucked inside.

Today we are going to talk about Hexagons . I’ve for some reason picked up an obsession with it…and I love it!  

I am kind of a puzzle girl and love shapes and different ways to use them.  

This pouch is perfect to stuff with your ipod, lipgloss, breath mints., or some quick cash.

Let’s talk about how to make a Hexagon Duct Tape Pouch

You’ll first start off with the shape and the base of the pouch, plus your supplies.  

You could totally choose to do this with a different size and shape as well! Super simple to make some quick changes like that. Depending on the project and how you want to use it. 

Make a Duct Tape pouch | #hexagon #ducttape

How to make a duct tape pouch

Materials needed:

Roll of fancy designed duct tape

2– 5″ Hexagons {print template from here}

Small hair band

Button, thread, needle


Print off the 5″ Hexagon template on Card Stock or heavy paper and cut out 2

Wrap the template with Duct Tape- both sides

On one hexagon, sew a button at the top of one side

On the second hexagon, place hair band on top of one side and tape down well

Lay one hexagon on top of the other and tape the sides together {make sure the button and the loop are opposite each other}

At the opening, make sure the tape doesn’t go to the top.  This will let you have a larger opening.

Learn how to make a pouch using a hexagon and duct tape |

I added some super cute Washi Tape to cover up some ends of the tape.  

The possibilities with this are endless!  Mix and match the tape designs, prints and colors.  

Each pouch will be different!  You could make a few for friend gifts, to go along with a gift card, or to pack in your backpack at school.

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