Hexagon Wreath Quilt Tutorial

It’s beginning to look a lot like….don’t say it! Christmas!  I know, it’s Thanksgiving week…. but the online world is always so much farther than reality!

If you are like me though, the family get together is looking long.  There is a lot to catch up on, watch, eat, chat…. and repeat.  All of this kind of gets me a little batty and to help out the Holiday jitters I like to haul around a little bit of sewing.

This year you can be ready with your little sewing kit and by the end of the evening you will have a finished project!

Let’s get started, shall we?

Sew a hexagon wreath mini quilt with patchwork posse. #holidaycraft #hexagon

Hexagon Christmas Tree Quilt Tutorial

1st- you will need to hop on over here and follow the instructions for the quilt top background.  Super simple to sew up.  Have this put together before you get going. That way if you are quick with the hexagon pieces, you can start sewing them down on the background.

2nd- print off one page of Hexagon templates from here you will need size:

5″ Hexagons for the wreath and

1 1/2″ Hexagons for the berries

3rd- Gather your green fabric scraps, thread, needle

4th- Put all your supplies into a sewing kit and you are set!


Steps for making the wreath quilt: 

Sew 6 large hexagons for the wreathin green fabric. Sew them together in a circle design.

Sew 3 small hexagons for the berries in red.

Pin in place on the background quilt.  Sew in place- tutorial if you need help.

Quilt and bind your small quilt.

Make sure that your kit gets put into your car.  One year I totally forgot it and cried all the way to the party because I didn’t have anything to work on! …. don’t do that.

I find that it eases the stress a little bit to be busy with my hands during the day.  Makes everyone happier.

What kind of projects do you take to parties?