Halloween Bag for trick or treat sewn with eye spy quilt blocks / patchworkposse.com
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Halloween Treat Bags {52 Quilt Block Pick Up}

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Eliza’s favorite holiday is coming up, and it has nothing to do with dressup!  It’s all about the candy…and treats.  She even said at the dinner table, I wish we lived in Candy Land, but no one got fat, sick, or rotten teeth.  When you ate something it came back and never disappeared.  Yeah- Dream Land!

To get her all ready for her favorite evening, I have been busy sewing — not a costume, but her Halloween treat bag!

After digging for a bit, I found a little pile of eye-spy quilt blocks.  They are super cute, kind of quirky– not necessarily Halloween, but they will do just fine.  You could easily make them with Halloween fabric….which would be totally cute.  The lining I did use was a big ‘spookier’ with skeletons….of dinosaurs.

Halloween Bag for trick or treat sewn with eye spy quilt blocks / patchworkposse.com

Materials needed:

6– 8″ X 8″ quilt blocks

2– 3″ X 16″ strips for the top of the bag

16″ X 28″ lining

2– 12″ ribbons for straps

Halloween treat bags tutorial / patchworkposse.com

Instructions to make your Halloween Treat Bags:

1)  Sew all 6 quilt blocks together- 2 blocks wide, by 3 blocks long

2)  Sew one strip to the top, one strip to the bottom

3)  Fold in half with the strips lining up and sew the sides

4)  Box the corners of the bag {click here for 3 ways of sewing box corners}

5)  Repeat steps 5-6 with the lining {leaving a 2 1/2″ opening on one side of the lining for turning}

6)  Pin the ribbon handles in place on the outside bag piece

7)  Stuff the outside bag inside the lining {turning the outside bag, inside out so the right sides are facing}  Pin in place

8)  Sew all the way around the top, lining up the side seams

9)  Pull to right sides through the opening on the side of the lining

10) Stuff the lining inside the bag and iron the top edge.  Sew a top stitch to secure if you’d like

If you don’t have the quilt blocks ready to go… just use the same size as the lining with a solid piece of Halloween fabric.  There are so many super cute fabrics out there, I am sure you will be able to find something that would work perfect.

What kind of candy is your favorite to stuff in trick or treat bags?

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