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Gift Box Table Runner

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Learn how to sew a table runner using striped fabric. Great for any size of stripes and super quick to make.

I finished up the pattern and did a quick photo shoot with it yesterday.  Meet- Gift Box Table Runner

It measures 23 1/2″ X 42 1/2″

Really- you could go all gusto with it and whip up a bunch for a lap quilt– or make just one row of boxes, or put 4 together for a perfect little square {none of these options are in the pattern, but i’m just say’n}

To make your own you can use this tutorial for using your stripe fabric and making a mitered box.

Double Bonus– the bows are removeable. They only pin on so you can unpin, and wash the runner if you goober it up. Mix and Match the ribbon to give it some more interest too.

A few years ago I had done this technique with the striped fabric and have loved it!  It really is super easy and has such a fun look.   Because of my new found Christmas fabric collection I was even able to sew it up with christmas fabric! lol

Can i tell you something?  Some patterns are quick at their names— and their direction.  This one.  It has a mind of its own.

Let me share–  I had an idea that I should have this as a table runner and the boxes would be facing top and bottom.  But,  after putting the bows on– i am like. um. not sure….then i put them all on the top and the runner goes the tall way…and i like it better.  What do you think?

Pick up a few more table runners with this 25+ Table Runner Pattern collection!

I guess that is the beauty of patterns though and the fact that the bows are only pinned on.  They are moveable. Switchable or just leave them off totally.  You do what you want.

Want to give this a try on a larger scale?  How about a quilt? Check out the Whirlygig quilt tutorial.

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  1. Alexis Lawrence

    Hi Becky,
    Your Christmas table runner is just stunning.

  2. posse boss

    thanks alexis!

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