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Fussy Cut Fabric Ornaments Tutorial

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Make fussy cut fabric ornaments using fabric panels and ribbon.

Super quick, cute and simple- great for any age of sewer!  Full tutorial today to show you how.

Keeping it simple and easy today with ornaments we are all busy, but making a little bit of something handmade is special.

These ornaments are great for hanging on wreaths, banners or adding to a present as an extra little goodie to hang on the tree.

fussy cut fabric ornaments - quick and cute ornaments to make for the holidays. use holiday panels!

To keep it simple I went with fabric that had a repeat or a panel.  These designs were around 3 round for the larger one- the smaller snowflake is around 2 round.

Lucky for me the larger ornaments had a circle printed in the design so that was so easy to follow and sew on top of.

Watch for fabric that has the repeats the snowflake were repeated and overlapped each other just a little bit, but I found that you could fussy cut the pieces.  There is a little bit of waste when you fussy cut and use panels, but they are really perfect for making little ornaments out of.

fussy cut fabric ornaments - quick and cute ornaments to make for the holidays. use holiday panels!
fussy cut fabric ornaments - quick and cute ornaments to make for the holidays. use holiday panels!

Materials Needed:

fabric either a panel or one with a repeat

HeatnBond® Fusible Fleece

backing fabric

fabric glue stick

ribbon 5

Quick and Cute Fussy Cut Fabric Ornaments Tutorial~

1)  Fuse your fabric to fusible fleece

2)  Lay on top of the backing and use your fabric fuse glue or glue stick to secure in place

3)  Trim just the top of the ornament with the pinking shears the smaller ornament I went ahead and trimmed the whole circle.  The layers can shift, so I do suggest waiting till the end, but either way will work.

4)  Tuck the ribbon into the top in between the layers and pin in place

5)  Sew around the panel or design to combine the layers and to secure the ribbon hanger

6- optional– if you haven’t cut the ornament with your pinking shears, do this now.  MOVE the ribbon so it’s not cut, prior to cutting.

Time for you to dig around in your fabric stash and find a few prints that would work for these fabric ornaments.

It’s great for whatever you have.  The backing fabric I used plain green fabric, but explore making it double sided, or using plain fabric that you can write a quick note on it with a fabric marker or sharpie.  Don’t be stuck with the shape either if your panel comes in a square, that would work just fine also.

Another thing you could explore would be the stitching and color of thread.  Move past the straight stitch and try a few stitches that come with your machine that you don’t use very often.

With thread you can stick with matching it to the fabric or go for a bit of crazy and try out a variegated thread or a bright color that would compliment the fabric.

This is simple enough you could include your younger sewers who are learning a little bit about fabric, design and sewing.

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2 thoughts on “Fussy Cut Fabric Ornaments Tutorial

  1. Kathy Goings

    Is fussy cutting just using pinning shears? Is it something more?

  2. Becky

    fussy cutting is about finding the pattern in the fabric that you like and want to highlight. example- centering a cute bird in the center or decorative leaf.

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