Fun and Free Wool Tutorials and Beginner Sewing Projects- wool challenge

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So far we have had quite a variety of talent and sewing techniques…. rug hooking, wool penny rug..doll making… I was thinking it would be super fun to show off a few others that i have found around.

There are some patterns that use wool, felted wool and most of them have sewing techniques you can totally use.

Felted Shooting Star Pin

Wool Zipper Pouch by BlueGirl XO

QMMS 120022 STODDARD 300x300 Wool Applique

Some Bunny Wool Applique by Quilty Pleasures

Snow Pixie Hat

Needle Felted Woolie Owls

Felt Leaf Wall Hanging

Sweet Sweater Rosettes

Owl orns 1

Wool Felt Owl by Juicy Bits

Mimi’s Hand Sewn Felt Doll

You have any additional ideas on using felt?! Do Tell—

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