Wool Felt Holiday Tutorials- Wool Challenge

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I thought that since we are coming quickly upon Christmas and we are still in the Wool Challenge it would be fun to put together a little Wool Felt Ornament Tutorial collection! Because wool is so easy to work with you could totally have a bunch of these done before you need them!  Your Christmas tree should be loaded with beautiful wool felt ornaments…..Better yet— don't put the hanger on the ornaments and then just pile them all together in a bowl for display.

Enjoy the collection!


Wool Felt Heart Tutorial

Wool Felt Tutorial Partridge

Wool Felt Snowball Ornaments

Wool Felt Christmas Stocking Tutorial

Wool Felt Star from Felted Sweater

Wool Felt Beehive Ornament

Layer Play

Layer Player Wool Felt Ornament

Felt Flora free download from Lark Crafts

Wool Felt Flora Ornaments

Mittens Wool Felt Ornaments

Ice Skate Wool Felt Ornament

Have you found any wool felt tutorials that you just love? Let's hear it–

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