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Making Donation Doll Quilts with UFO blocks

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Last week I had a group of girls help me — 

We decided to donate some doll quilts to The Festival of Trees.  The girls needed to tie them…… I was to sew them. 

I starred at my pile of fabrics….looking for flannel.  This is soft and cozy and perfect for doll quilts.  I pulled a bunch and ended up with this little nice pile of 20" X 21" or so little doll quilts out of flannel.  It really felt good to use up some of my flannel stash.  I don't use it too often and really it has been sitting around waiting for it's special day.  It is finally here!  

They were perfect to use.  There is no batting in there, and I simply enveloped sewed them.  Turned the right sides out, and sew around again to close the opening.  Then the girls tied them with some yarn.

After I whipped those out, I thought what else could i use?  After searching the piles again I found a pile….. of UFO bocks.  

At one point — i think a few years ago– I was with a sewing group who helped put their little ufo blocks into bigger blocks.  I had collected them with good intentions of putting them together and making one large quilt to donate.  To tell you the truth, I think it was never put together because all the blocks were totally different from each other. 

They each measured something around the same size as I sewed the flannel ones together– perfect for doll quilts.  So, I dug around for a matching flannel to put on the back and sewed them in the same manner to finish them. 

 I didn't do anything else to them!  It felt great to finish them up and have them move on to something more important than my shelves.

This was a wonderful project and I would recommend doing it with any little group of girls you have.

These little quilts will be sold in their 'small fry' area- where young children can purchase things for others {or themselves. lol}

What about you?  Are you doing any service kind of stitching for the giving season?   No need to be shy. Please toot your own horn.  I'd love to hear it! 

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