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Quilt Along- In the Leafy Treetops

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In the leafy treetops- free quilt along and pattern.  I really like the background and the raw edge applique. Simple and fun!


Materials needed:

8 fat quarters or 9 1/2 X9 1/2 inch squares of something inbetween the color screamers and the lights. Something with just enough pattern but not too much now. something like these:

4-6 fat quarters of LIGHT fabric.

One with a bit of print, but they aren’t screaming color at you.

6 fat quarters of screaming color fabrics

they just need them to contrast enough with the other pieces.


1 sheet for the border + the back

Finished size is 45X45 or something like that.

Now that you have all your supplies ready to goor are still searching high and low for them (sorry about that)..no matter, we’ll waitok. got them? Your back and ready to go now? good.

Today we will be cutting all the pieces. I know that isn’t too much fun, but one step at a time. Everyone is busy in the summer time..so this is how it is going to be.
So you need to cut:
Light colored fabric
Cut 32 squares that are 3 1/2 inch X 3 1/2 inch.
Cut 16 squares that are 2 1/2 inch X 2 1/2 inch.

HINT: if you would like each block to have their ‘own’ background and not scrappycut 4 squares from each light colored fabric. -Each block will use 4 squares- If you want them to be mixed and matched them just cut them up and don’t worry about that.

Screaming color fabric
Cut 40 squares that are 3 1/2 inch X 3 1/2 inch.
Cut 20 squares that are 2 1/2 inch X 2 1/2 inch.

HINT: If you would like each block to have their ‘own’ color and not scrappycut 5 squares from each colored fabric. -Each block will use 5 squares- If you are looking for a totaly scrappy quilt, then cut away.

**I made mine not so scrappy. Each block has their ‘own’ background and their ‘own’ colored piece.see some belownow don’t think because i showed you that they end up to be 9 patches that you can just go ahead and sew them all together !) whatever what was that? who said that?

let’s move on. shall we?

In between fabrics

Cut 8 squares that are 9 1/2 inch X 9 1/2 inch.

Border Fabric

Cut 4 strips 6 1/2 inch X 36 inch

After all the pieces have been cut you will end up with a pile similar to mine. I think i am missing a few in this shot though. hmmmm

That’s it for today! Come back for the sewing part. That is a bit funner isn’t it?

You will need to gather up all the 9 patches, borders and spacer blocks. Got them?
1) Lay out the center of the quilt as follows:
1st rowspacer, 9 patch, spacer, 9 patch
2nd row 9 patch, spacer, 9 patch, spacer
3rd rowsee how this is going? spacer, 9 patch, spacer, 9 patch
4th row 9 patch, spacer, 9 patch, spacer

2) Sew these blocks together in their rows:

3) Sew those rows together to get a nice center of the quilt top.

Did you end up with a nice center of a quilt? yippeee!!!

**If you used 9 1/2 inch spacer blocks the sides will end up to be 36 inches. If you trimmed a bit and used the 9 inch squares then you need to measure those edges. Sorry. After you measure them, then cut that border to match that. Just the border fabric..You want those to fit. You don’t want to stretch that center out. nope. don’t do that. you should have the same size for all 4 sides.
3) Now for the border. Sew the 6 1/2 inch 9 patch squares to the ends of 2 of the borders.
4) Sew one border (it has no 9 patches on the ends) and sew it to the top of the quilt center.
Repeat: Sew the second border (it also has no 9 patches on the ends) and sew it to the bottom of the quilt center.
5) Sew the border now, this one has the 9 patches on the ends to one side of the quilt center. You can pin the seam of the 9 patch to the seam of the border. they should match nicely. Finish up with sewing the other border to the other side.
6) Your finished quilt top will now look like this:
How cute is that?!!! Did everyone end up with a cute quilt top?
* Big Leaves- fat quarter
* small leaves fat quarter
* birds 2 different fabrics- contrasting please. light/medium to a dark. Think body and wing.
* Branches 1/3 yard. i used one fabric for them all. You could do them more scrappy if you wish.
Cutting the leaves, branches, and birds.-
Fabric review:
LEAVES: I used 3 different fabrics for the leaves. There are 5 big leaves and 13 smaller leaves. My big leaves are made with one fabric and the smaller ones have 2 different fabrics.
You can use fat quarters for these. or just mix and match for the more scrappy look.
BRANCHES: I used one fabric for the branches. They are strips not cut on the bias i maybe should have, but figured that they are going to be shaggy so really, if there was a pucker every once in awhile it was no biggie. I also left the edges where they join, or change size, or direction raw. They will shag and give it some more character. That is the idea anyways. So far, it works.
BIRDS: Mine are matchy-matchy. You will need a dark and a light/medium color fabric. The bird in one and the wing in the contrasting other. You will also need just a bit of yellow for the beak. The birds are smaller than 6 square.
1) Print out the patterns. Cut the patterns out.
2) Place pattern on the front of the fabric don’t worry now and trace around them. Cut them out on this drawn line. I DID NOT USE wonder under or iron on backing. I just let the fabric be by itself. It will shagg easier.
3) the bird will need to be reversed for one!!

3) Cut out all the leaves and birds.
4) Cut strips of fabric out of the branch fabric. You will need to make 4 strips of 1 1/2 inch wide and 3 strips of 2 inch wide. These are cut from salvage to salvage edge.
You will be pinning forever. Just know that and it will all be ok. ok?
* Find a place to lay out the quilt top. This will make the pinning and placing a lot easier.
1) Print off the layout pattern (it is together with the patternsdon’t print it twice) and use it to put things in the right place.
2) Pin the leaves, branches, birds in their place according to the layout. *This is not the law girls. if you want to add, switch, move or delete something do it! And, This is where the pins come in handy. They are easy to move and switch and turn and whatever else to make them just right.
**HINTS** at the end of the strip i cut it at a diagonal. *When going from a thick branch to a skinny one just lay them on top of each othercut at a diagonal they will be fine when washed.* Don’t force the curves. *if you are really having a hard time CUT IT!!! at an angle of coursebut it will be fine in the wash later.* The strips of branches have no length given because you are really just eye-balling it. Lay the strip down, eye-ball, eye-ball, then cut at an angle. Move to the next branch. Easy Peasy.
Layed all out and pinned:
Birds added:

See the edges?

Don’t worry about themthe ends, edges, and joints:

Now, get out there and print, cut, and pin those pieces!!!

* If after you have the ‘perfect’ layout that you just love and you are going to be using your sewing machine for stitching this quilt replace the pins with safety pins. It will save you a lot of ouchies and blood too You could also use a glue stick to keep them in place. That does work pretty good for keeping applique in it’s place.

This is the fun part isn’t it? The one where if the top looks a bit funny, you can fix it by adding some stitching. cranky quilt soooo had a cranky block, but after quiltingnot cranky! I love adding the quilting. It isn’t quite finished until all the thread work gets on.

So here ya gojust a little help and some links for further help.

1) If you are quilting this on a big quilting frame, just load it up. pins and all!! when you get to that area, watch the pins- make sure you don’t run over one or your finger while trying to remove one.

2) If you are quilting this on a normal machine using the walking foot or quilting foot.make your quilt ‘sandwich’ as usual. You would want to replace those pins though with safety pins so when you scrunch and bunch it to quilt it you won’t get poked and bleed.
So layer your top (with all those safety pins) on top of the batting, and then on top of the backing. Now you need to add more pins! I know, you think there wouldn’t be any more room, but those 1st pins only hold down the appliquenot the quilt sandwich together.
After pinning till you have no more pins left in the pin box, you can quilt it. Remove the pins when getting close to them.
With the appliquesstart at a place where you don’t have to remove the pin if possible. This will help that applique not shift so much.


I entered the leaft at the bottom point- where it joins the branches- i sewed around once then again keep this 1/2 inch from the edge. It might get a little pucker at the entrance point where the leaf shifted..don’t worry about it. It will shagg in the wash and then you’ll never know it!Then i sewed down the center and made some ‘veins’.


I just sewed down the center of each branch with a wiggly, squiggly thing. this keeps the center very secured and the edge will shagg nicely. See where the little branches join? They are cut at angles and then really just stitched in the center like all the rest.


I sewed all the way around the bird once. At the tail i did pointy, jagged stitching for the ‘tail feathers’ Then i jumped into the wing at the front or back point and sewed back and forth for ‘wing feathers’. The beak is sewn around the edges over lapping the head a bitso no background shows between the beak and body. I did do a bit of stitching for feetsee the little feet? they don’t show much, but still cute.


I did swirlies all over. You could easily do a meander between everything else. See the branches and the leaves too? You just need something that will get you from one place to the other and keep all the sandwich parts together.

For more fun and Quilt Alongs:

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