how to use applique to hide problems in your quilt blocks /
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Chopping up Quilt Blocks for Applique {52 Quilt Block Pick Up}

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Today I am over on Fave Crafts sharing all about applique.   Not necessarily the process of sewing it, but where you get your fabric from to use.

Applique is a great quick and easy way to add a little something special and extra to a quilt, shirt, pants, bags…or whatever you can sew it to!

Typically we approach applique with a this fabric for the stem, this for the flower…. or this for the head, this for the body….but today we are going to do something a little bit different.

We are going to chop up orphan quilt blocks to use for applique!

This is a great method for using those random quilt blocks that have no home, or maybe they aren’t pieced the best.

Good bye following the matching game,  We are going to grab some blocks, cut them up and be totally ok with how they turn out.

how to use applique to hide problems in your quilt blocks /

Clickety click to go read the rest and all about cutting up a quilt block to use for applique

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  1. Brigid

    Love the idea of using the blocks as appliqué. I have a few blocks that I did as trials that I like, but are not going to be part of a quilt. Thanks for the great idea.

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