Blanket Gift Tag Printable – 8 templates!

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The holidays are coming and I’m thinking that there may be more than a few of you who are giving away quilts or blankets as part of your gift.

Last year I gave each of my kids a sluggly flannel quilt that I had made.  I love giving these kind of gifts.  It allows me to sew and to give (and don’t forget about buying fabric!)

Today I’m sharing some fun quilt blanket gift tag printables that you can use for any of your gifts.

fun holiday printable gift tags for blankets- super cute and free to use! 8 templates #printable #freepattern #holidaygift


paper (cardstock works great)


pdf file – quilt gift tag or inside the Quilt Library

paper scissors

Cricut portable trimmer or here

Thermoweb glue stick

free blanket gift tag printables. 8 different templates including one for a mug rug. so cute!

What’s included: 

8 different templates – including one for a mug rug!!

*if you don’t have cardstock on hand, print on regular paper and then glue it to a background scrapbooking paper. There are so many cute designs and this will give it a little strength.

Blanket Gift Tag Instructions:

1- pick the template

2- print off as many pages as you need

-add your personalized message or name to the card

3- cut out the gift tags

4- roll up quilt or blanket

5- wrap roll with a strip of fabric or ribbon

6- tuck the card in place – you can also punch a whole and thread the ribbon through, then wrap quilt roll

Super simple and quick!

It’s a great way to have some fun with your gift as well as share your talent with others.

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