Three’s Company BOM 2018 – Block 1

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Today we will be kicking off the Three’s Company BOM with block 1!!!

So excited.

This block is a simple one.  You can decide if you’d like to pick two different colors —or if you want one color to be the background.

All the blocks have been resewn, so that is why you are seeing a new version of the block – just in case you were a little confused.

The three little blocks are a rail fence— but only have 2 fabrics.   They are surrounded by the 2 1/2″ squares – randomly picked and sewn into place. The jelly roll I picked didn’t have a lot of variety when it came to the prints, but enough to get a nice variety.  Some prints were next to each other, but I always scattered the colors.

For this quilt, I chose 1 background, but a variety would be just fine. Your choice.


  • download the file – click link below
  • sew your 3 small blocks
  • sew small blocks into large setting block
  • share it in the facebook group

This months download includes: instructions for the 3 small blocks and the setting instructions for the large block


**for the setting instructions – that’s page 2 of the document. It will have the cut instructions for setting blocks.  If you have already cut those (they were in the tracking download), DON’T cut them again!!!  So, check your pieces before making any additional cuts -setting only.


To help keep you up on the sewing per month, deciding your fabric placement and tracking what you’ve sewn, I’ve put together a collection of pages for you to use during the quilt along.

Download the materials list, cutting instructions & tracking sheets here  (always free)



I’ll be announcing each month in each of those places!

Resources | Additional Products to help you:

Hints & Tips 

  • Quilting 101:    Quilting 101 –  great place to start for beginners or quick reminders of topics you might need some guidance or questions on.
  • When will blocks be posted?
    • Last Wednesday of each month – an email will be sent with information and link
  • What are the monthly assignments like?
    • They are typically going to be 1 quilt blocks / monthly.  When the blocks are complete, the assignments will turn to piecing sections together, borders, etc.
  • How long is the Three’s Company BOM?
    • Jan 2018- Oct 2018
  • Questions?
    • Leave a comment below and someone will help you out!

Quick look at the full quilt~


It features 9 quilt blocks….but within each block there are 3 blocks. So they will take just a little bit longer to sew- so we will be sewing them together on a monthly schedule.

It’s at a pace that you should be able to keep up on.  There are 3 smaller blocks inside each block, but they are the same– so you’ll be repeat sewing or you can sew them in a chain sort of way to save on time.

The blocks are all set the same as well, so again, while the blocks are bigger- they are manageable to sew on a monthly basis.

For all posts in this series, visit the quilt along here.


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