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the Round Robin Edition 28 – Cute Sewing Memes & Printables

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happy monday.

in the sewing room

Heading to the lake this week….of course I have a few projects in hand to work on while away.

I usually bring a couple of things, but sometimes have the hardest time actually working on them!

Do you find that during vacations and whatever, that you’d like to sew….but then it just doesn’t happen?  I bring hand work, but usually I find myself not getting it out.

This time, I’m going to be working harder on making an effort to get it out of the bag and actually work on it.  I have a little goal of what I’d like done…we’ll see how it turns out. I’ll check back in when I return.


today’s topic  sewing memes and printable artwork

There are so many fun sayings in the quilt and sewing world….. some of these could even be framed and added to your sewing space in your home.

Some of these are very recognizable:

sew it

Whatever it is….these might just be the thing you need to lighten the mood of the day and give you a little lift.

Enjoy– and if you have a favorite saying that would make a meme….reply and let me know!

Sewing and Quilting memes you’ll love!


  • you can pick to print in black and white to save a little bit of the color ink.
  • Print them professionally at the store so they last a bit longer.
  • Tack them to the wall or put them in a frame.
  • Watch the color option because some of these come in quite a few options!  You can customize it to your own space.
  • Go big or go small.  If you want you can choose to print 2 or 4 per page.  It will shrink it down, but they might be fun to give as gifts or even postcards.

something fun

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quilty chit chat

There have been a few fun projects posted in the Quilting 101 fb group.

 The Three’s Company  your blocks are flying in and they are sooo wonderful to see! Are you sewing along?

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Do you have a favorite resource online or in person that you love? Share it in the comments!

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