The Round Robin Edition 26 – Freezer Paper And It’s Many Uses!

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Welcome to The Round Robin Edition 26 – Freezer Paper And It’s Many Uses!

happy monday.

in the sewing room

Adjusting to ‘normal’ after a long vacation.

To say the vacation to Spain and Portugal was wonderful is totally an understatement. It was delightful to hang out with family and revisit my growing up stomping grounds.

What I’m having difficult with is coming back to the ‘real world’ and adjusting to a schedule of family, cleaning, cooking and sewing again.

There was a lot of freedom on the vacation with not a lot of responsibilities and I really did love that! Computer, phone use was to a minimum- which was hard to adjust to at the beginning!  With another couple shorter vacations coming up…it’s making adjusting back to regular life tricky! (trying to not overwhelm myself while preparing for being gone again).

Have a secret for adjusting? Hit the reply button and let me know! I need a little help here! 🙂


today’s topic  freezer paper!

This week we will be chatting about using freezer paper and how that works for printing templates, applique pieces, and even quilt labels!

sew it

Printing on fabric can be done.
This is a great option for printing your own fabric labelor pictures if you are making a memory quilt.
Because the fabric is so soft and snugglable, it does not go through the printer very nicely on its own. It will need a little help.
All you have to do is pop into your kitchen, and after you grab a little snack bring that freezer paper back into your sewing room and get started.

Materials Needed:

freezer paper
fabric light in color, minimal print
scissors or rotary cutter
printer ink jet, NOT one with a powder/heat cartridge

Full tutorial on how you can: print on fabric for labels, quilt blocks and more here!

something fun

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Printable quilting labels  click here to read more

Attaching quilt labels. click here to read more

Fun uses for freezer paper in quilting click here to read more

No mark machine quilting with freezer paper. click here to read more

Freezer paper in the sewing room. click here to read more

quilty chit chat

There have been a few fun projects posted in the Quilting 101 fb group.

 The Three’s Company  your blocks are flying in and they are sooo wonderful to see! Are you sewing along?

Join the group for free here.

For all the Round Robin editions- visit here.

Do you have a favorite resource online or in person that you love? Share it in the comments!

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