The Backstory Series

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After starting the quilt guild a year ago and meeting others from around the world in the community, I came to idea that there is really A LOT of stories here.

This is really part of the reason that I started it.  I love the community aspect of quilt groups, but find that my schedule with 4 kids and the calendar that gets full of everyone else’s business….. that I missed it more than I’d like.

I missed the stories.

I missed the connection.

This is where ‘the backstory‘ comes in.

the backstory - stories from quilters from around the world. Come take a listen.

It’s the stories that are told in a smaller group surrounded by friends.

It’s the fun, exciting, pull at your hear strings stories.  This is one of my favorite.

After attending my moms trunk show a couple of weeks ago, and sitting there listening to her tell each of those quilts stories – with my dad holding them for her.

I got thinking that it would sure be nice to every once in awhile hear a new story.  Maybe even from someone that I haven’t met in the real world. Maybe from someone who lives in a totally different place, and is a different age, has a different background.

I reached out to the members of the quilt group and they have shared their stories.

Everyone has their own start in quilting or sewing.  Everyone has something special that they’ve made, or had an experience.  It might not be something monumental…or maybe it is.

Really it’s about learning during the process.  Enjoying the journey and sharing the little story behind the stitching.

I mean what was the reason for picking that fabric, or pattern?  Was there a reason or just an interest or it ‘spoke to you’.  Was it something totally new that you’ve never tried before.  Something that you thought was way out of your technique knowledge…but something you thought – why not?! Let’s do it.

Maybe it’s something that you participated in with others- like a round robin or a swap.  Something that collectively became it’s own story.

It could be a process of healing that gives the story.  It could be all about sharing our talent, or teaching….you see where this is going.

Everyone has a story.

So, tomorrow will be the first story.

I am sooooo excited to get this started and to start sharing them with you…… I hope you’ll come back tomorrow.
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