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Quilting Groups on Facebook My top 5

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The sense of community is high on my list.
I really do love reaching out, dropping a quick question or answering one that someone else has asked.

The best thing about technology these days is the ability to find and participate in quilting groups– even when we don’t have one close by!

That’s where online quilting groups on facebook come in.  

If you haven’t known about them or aren’t a follower of them– this is going to become your favorite thing!

I understand that there are some reservations about using facebook…but it really has the ability to connect you to anyone and everyone from around the world.

I’m not super great at updating my personal page, but I do participate in a few different groups that allow me to find answers, meet others and enjoy the company of other quilters.

There is the online quilt group and other groups online that are a paid membership (those are awesome as well and offer exclusive patterns and discounts for members- not found in the free groups), but if you aren’t looking for a paid group- there are a few free ones that I really do enjoy and thought you should know about.

Quilting groups on facebook. top 5. these are great for sharing and asking questions in- and they are free!

The beauty about participating in a quilt group online:

– easy to join (most, you simply request to be a member)

– free (some are paid, but those can have advantages as well)

– easy to ask a question

– upload a quick picture

– participate in whatever conversation is going on

– you can access on any kind of machine…..phone is the easiest!

– get quick responses to your answers!  Someone is always on and ready to help

– location isn’t a restriction

– time isn’t an issue– there are quilters from every time zone…someone is always up!

My top 5 Quilting Groups that are on Facebook:

1- Quilting resources group
2- Scrappy girls club
3- Sew can she sewcialites
4- Quilting
5- Quilt with Christa

top 5 quilting groups on facebook - love that they are free to join!

If you are looking for more facebook interaction or pages— here are the 10 must follow pages!

10 Must Follow Sewing Facebook Pages | patchwork posse | easy sewing projects and free quilt patterns

If you are interested in the online quilt group membership– you can find more info here and join us!

There are a lot of other ways they are awesome…. what are some of yours?

And– do you have a quilting group on facebook that you really like? share it with us!


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