Play Mat Free Pattern and Tutorial

Since this months magazine issue was all about boys, I had to include a play mat.  Both my boys have loved these— and really they are so super simple to whip up and use a bit of your own imagination when adding the applique shapes.

There are two here that I am sharing the free pattern and tutorial and templates for —the outer space play mat and the treasure island play mat.

First things first— you need a ‘perfect’ background for these.  I found a wonderful outer space fabric that couldn’t be any better! For the Treasure Island Play mat i found some water fabric.  Take a look around and find something that will make your play mat sewing easier.  Some more ideas:  sky fabric, glow in the dark,  brown variagated for dirt hills,  green batik for forests– etc.  get the idea?  We all love a good challenge and this will most definitly make the fabric hunt exciting! lol

The Outer Space one shows off a couple of planets and a Star Trek style of space ship.

The treasure Island is all about a few islands, how about some shark fins and a sinking ship.

The idea of play mats is to keep them simple. Don’t over accessorize them.  The kiddos need a bit of space for their own ‘dudes’, ships, and anything else that jumps into their minds.

To keep it a bit more interesting make the larger islands and planets go off of the edge of the play mat.

The templates for both mats are included in the download {not the large islands though}

To make your planets– find something round and use that as a template

To make the islands– cut it round and then make the edges bumpy.


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  1. Cute idea!
    Thought you might want to know that the “download” link give a 404 error – page not found.


  2. whosies

    2 January

    thanks! fixing it now–

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