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Patchwork Posse Youtube Channel

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This have been a long time coming.

I have seriously been putting this off for wayyyy too long.

I’m not the biggest fan of the video recorder.  I pretty much try to ignore things like that when they show up and cameras as well….but after thinking for a little bit about it and deciding what kind of was next in the Patchwork Posse world.

It’s videos.

It’s a youtube channel.

It’s removing all fear and anxiety and stepping into the world of who really cares?

Who cares if my hair is a mess and the dog is scratching at the door when I’m recording or the phone binging…or ringing, or the kids are checking in….. those can be edited out…sort of.

I’m kind of thinking you’ll be ok with that too.

And to tell you the truth….. I’d rather be in front of the camera instead of cleaning and cooking.  Yeah.

So.  Now that the choice has been made and progress has begun.  Let the fun begin!

What can you expect from the Patchwork Posse Quilt Videos?

  • Weekly videos-  yeah. why not.
  • Quick tips and hints – They won’t be long monsters.  They will start off by being shorter (under 10 min. more like 6) and will be a quick tip or how to.  For example- sewing with vinyl and some coming soon- button hole stitch with your sewing machine, raw edge applique, hemming, chain stitching, mile a minute, quilt as you go.
  • Wednesdays – can’t guarantee that won’t change in the future, but until Sept. they are hitting on that day.
  • Tutorials– these will be coming.  Right now I’m focusing on the hints and tips and will start incorporating full tutorials when a better spot in the house is ready (there is flooring, but no shelves- so we will wait).
  • follow along– I’m pretty sure most of you know the ins and outs of youtube, but as a quick reminder- you’ll need to subscribe to the channel (you’ll get updates when  new videos come out) yay!
  • Quick page for the videos– just in case you can find all the latest videos here as well on the blog:  Quilt Videos

[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LtpvVQKRe2k[/embedyt]

So, you ready to join me on this new journey?

I’m kind of excited to get started (I’ve been practicing a lot– still have a long way to go) and am so grateful that you are coming along the journey with me.  It’s never fun to be sewing along and you – yes you. make it so worth it.  Thank you for your continued support.

I’d love to hear what kind of topics you’d like to see in short videos and what kind of tutorials (projects) you’d like to see as well.

What’s on your must have list of quilt videos?




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