paper piecing thread how to use
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Paper Piecing Thread

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Last year at Quilt Market I was sooo lucky to be on a panel for Coats & Clark. It was ‘thread talk’ and there was 3 of us on the panel.
Amy, Susan and I. It was so much fun to sit and chat about thread and show off a few projects.
One of the threads that we were showing and talking about was the paper piecing thread.

Did you even know of such a thing? Yes— there is! Let me tell you all about it.

paper piecing thread how to use

After using it on a few projects I have come to actually kind of like this thread!  Now, I do have to warn that you need to figure out how to label this spool.

It is color coded to let you know what it is, but once you tear off the top sticker on the spool, I have a hard time remembering what spool color is what thread!

Keep them together and make a note somewhere as to what it is so it won’t get lost in the shuffle and used up on a project that it isn’t meant for. It’s easier said than done.

paper piecing thread how to use

Quick Summary Coats & Clark Paper Piecing Thread~

  • How to use: Thread it through your machine.  Make sure you adjust your stitch length to a 2.0 or smaller, so the paper is easier to remove.  I used it in both the top thread and the spool thread.  Sometimes if I don’t, the sewing machine has a fuss and things get all crazy.  Plus, if one is thin and the other is not, it kind of defeats the whole purpose of sewing with it in the first place.
  • What color of spool is it? Coats & Clark color code their spools- the paper piecing thread is light purple.
  • Description: Explore paper piecing technique to make unique quilt blocks with the Coats & Clark Dual Duty XP Paper Piecing Thread 225 Yds. Made of 100% polyester, this paper piecing thread is very fine and offers durability to your quilting projects.
  • Where to get it? Amazon or a local sewing machine shop.  Comes in a 6 Pack
  • Why use it?  It prevents bulking on the seams and allows paper to be cut easily without distortion.
  • A few more notes:  I also have used this hand stitching when sewing hexagons together.  Because the thread is thin, it nestles right in and makes the tacking and stitching super nice.  Plus, with the color assortment, you can find what you need when sewing with hexagons.
  • Read More: How to Paper Piece Tutorial
  • Projects: Mushroom Mug Rug – Paper pieced

mushroom mug rug

3 thoughts on “Paper Piecing Thread

  1. Linda Thompson

    I’m curious, what is the weight of this thread. Fine could be anywhere from 50 to 75 weight? I think better in those terms. I am surprised at the polyester fiber. Do we worry about the poly tearing the cotton fabric?

  2. Joan

    Why do you take the label off? Just punch through it. Also, is this thread intended for English paper piecing or paper foundation piecing? I realize you’ve used it for both, but which is its intended use? What’s the advantage over a fine all-cotton thread?

  3. Becky

    Yes– punching through would make my life easier when trying to find the thread!
    I mentioned that I had used it for english paper piecing in the past. Their fine thread works great as well for that.
    This thread is quite strong, so if you do use it for hand piecing it can handle the tugs and use and running through the fabric multiple times and won’t thin out and snap on you.
    Hope that helps!

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