How to Make Felt Dolls with Panel Fabric

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I picked up some fabric– couldn’t resist those little kitties…and their little fun accessories.

What to do with it though?  The fabric came as a panel with the prints spaced apart.  For this tutorial, I decided to make some super cute felt dolls.

These would make a fun and easy to to travel with play kit for the kiddos in the car.  They are flat and don’t take up much space.

How to make felt doll with panel fabric | patchworkposse #freetutorial #feltdolls

Materials Needed:

fabric panel prints  {this is the panel that I used. Great quality, kind of a heavier fabric– perfect for this project.  Lot’s of accessories and sizes included too!}


heat-n-bond lite {I use Thermoweb for my supplies.  Love them!  They have great products, and I highly recommend them}

How to make felt dolls instructions:

1)  Cut out roughly around the piece you want as your felt doll

2)  Fuse {use the instructions for the product} the heat-n-bond lite to the fabric piece

3)  Place right sides facing out, the felt doll piece on top of the felt-  Iron and fuse


4)  Sew around the object with your sewing machine for extra security


5)  Trim around the felt doll, just past the sewing machine stitches


6)  Repeat with other items

How to make felt doll with panel fabric | patchworkposse #freetutorial #feltdolls

This technique is great for really any kind of fabric.  If the print is large enough to fussy cut, you can use that too.

The background for the felt dolls is a larger piece of felt.  You can add a little more to it by sewing cotton fabric prints, or laying other felt on top.

Because the dolls are backed with felt, they will kind of ‘cling’ to anything a little rough.

The fabric panel I used came with the dolls already dressed….no need for cutting or making additional clothes, I just use the accessories that were printed also.

Have you made felt dolls like this before?  Do you have a favorite fabric panel or print?

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