Little Purple Pansies

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I had this pile of wonderful purple fabrics hanging around {given to me by Carol– Hi Carol- Thank you XOXO} and thought of this song:  Little Purple Pansies with a touch of gold…… oh yea. love primary. It's a catchy little tune and one that once sung, will stick around in your head only to be remembered after you see something on the purple color.   You can even listen to it here.

So, here it is — a little doll quilt:

The purple pansies have a raw edge applique center {my favorite right now, that raw edge applique stuff}…but really are quick to make and easy on the sewing time.


The size is small and just the right size for a doll quilt.  {i am thinking i might be addicted to the size + it is doll stuff, which i so love!}

I also just finished quilting the Sunbonnet Sue Quilt! It is wonderful! I am stretching my quilting wings just a bit— will show it later on this week!

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