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Lauren From Transient Art – Guest Designer / Interview

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So excited to announce the designer today- Lauren from Transient Art.  I got to know her a little better this last year, as were roomies at Quilt Market in Houston in the Fall.

Her fabric lines are adorable and so sweet.  They are produced by Riley Blake – Penny Rose. Her style is classic, fun and just so cute! They are happy, As is she!  She is a laid back gal with lots of talent.  Just recently she teamed up with I am Luna Sol and designed an enamel pin- the crow, and has released another fabric line with Riley Blake.

So happy she is a designer with us this year, you’ll love her simple project!!

Here’s a bit more about her:

Lauren Nash from Transient Art is a Riley Blake/Penny Rose Fabric Designer and a sewist, quilter and pattern maker. She’s a fine artist, a mother, and blogger and youtuber!

About the project for the quilt group:

I’m sharing a fun little quilt block that you can make a bunch of or just one. In my case I finished off the one block for a new mug rug. =)


✄ Four 2 3/8″ scraps in various colors: green, blue, pink, red, or yellow
✄ One 4″ x 4″ white fabric
✄ One 4″ x 4″ pink floral fabric
✄ Two 5½” x 5½” white floral fabric

Download the Pattern: members only (login here)

Tell us about your quilt block for the Scavenger Hunt:

I made this block to be simple and quick to sew together. You can easily change the look by swapping out fabrics of course. I like how it looks both straight and diagonal too.

Scavenger Hunt BOM

 Grab the quilt block here: (members only- login here)

~ Enjoy her interview ~

How did you get your start in sewing?

I started sewing when I was about 8 years old with cross stitching. I did more things like embroidery over the years at times, and went on to do more complex things as a teenager. Such as a lined cape for Halloween. It was definitely more of a background thing I rarely did until I had children. After I got my own sewing machine for Christmas one year (thanks Mom!) I went full force into sewing.

What inspires you?

Everything around me really. I get the most ideas when I’m outside though. I love the plants, animals, weather, that landscape. It really clears my mind and helps me to think. I’m also now inspired with things I can make for around the home. I’m such a homebody, so I like decorating!

Do you have a favorite notion?

Bodkins all the way lol. I don’t need them often but when I need to fish some elastic into a little arm hole on a girls dress or need to put in the drawstring on a bag, it’s my favorite tool.

What’s coming up for you that we can check out~

I’m so excited for June for two things: 1) My 3rd fabric line “Calico Crow” from Riley Blake is shipping out to stores this month!! 2) We’re moving into our first house we just bought, I get my own sewing room, and to sleep in my own bed again. ^_^

Quirky or fun fact about yourself?

I can recite the alphabet backwards with ease. I don’t know how that’ll help me in life though!

Where can you find her?




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