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Lace Zipper Pencil Pouch with Felt Tutorial

While checking out a new Bernina shop —well new to the area, but it just moved from another location–  I was attracted to the felt squares.  I don’t usually check this stuff out as it’s thin, and we don’t do too many of the ‘crafty’ projects that these get used in, and who am I kidding– I have enough already!

Anyways- I came upon this one line that is super stiff.  What?  I’ve never seen that before and before I could contain myself I had snatched up a nice pile of the cutest patterns.  Don’t worry, I left more than I bought. 🙂

It’s produced by Camelot fabrics – printed felt

Quick what it’s all about:

This hard felt is stiffer than regular felt and has so many uses and applications! Due to its stiffness, this felt will hold its shape which makes it particularly good for 3D creations, or projects that require a more hard wearing and durable felt fabric. It does not fray and is very easy to cut, sew and stick. Approx 1mm thick.

zipper pouches with felt fabric tutorial and how to

Seriously– it’s super fun to use and with the patterns…they sure do make up a nice collection of zipper bags.  Perfect for holding sewing supplies, school pencils and rulers or even a quick travel bag.

I used a lining material so the felt wasn’t seen on the inside– it’s just white though, so you can leave it if you’d like.  And because it’s stiff, I boxed the corners to it can almost stand on it’s own.  It’s that stiff.

boxed corner of the zipper pouch

It does wrinkle just a bit when you start using it, but really– it sews up quick and will get great use for quite awhile just fine.

Materials Needed:

stiff printed felt– 12″ X 12″

lace zipper 9″

lining fabric- 12″ X 12″


zipper pouch with lace zipper supplies

How to sew your felt pencil pouch~

1- Cut the felt piece and lining in half

2- Lay the lining fabric on top of the felt- wrong sides touching

3- Sew with a serger or zig zag stitch all the way around the combined piece

zig zag stitch

4- Sew the zipper to the long side — because this is a lace zipper, you’ll be laying the zipper directly on top of the right side of the felt and then stitching.  Match your thread color with the lace zipper if possible

zipper stitched

5- Lay right sides together, lining up the sides and bottom

6- Sew the sides and bottom of the pouch — make sure the zipper is open just a little so you can turn it!

sew around the pouch

7-  Pinch the sides and box your corner– here’s a quick look at 3 ways you can box your bag corners if you need.

8- Snip the boxed corner and turn right sides out

What happens when your zipper is short? *if your zipper isn’t long enough or you have a little more bulk on the sides than you’d like– you can pleat the edge!  It looks so much cuter than a weird shape along the side!

Here’s how you pleat the edge~

side of zipper bag to pinch

1- place your thumb at the edge of the zipper- along the side seam and push inwards

push thumb inside to make the pinch of the bag

2- pinch the pleat and stitch in place to secure

pinch the top and sew to secure

side view of felt pouch

Here are some awesome classes on sewing with zippers–

zipperzipper pouch online sewing class






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