Keep Busy During Shutdown | 9 Days 9 Projects

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With there being a little bit of a problem with the Government right now, today’s post is more of a tongue and cheek at what is happening with current affairs.

Heather and I were  chatting  joking about what we should be doing with all of our free time now that the US government is in shutdown mode.

Keep busy during the Shutdown| 9 Days 9 Projects

keep busy during shutdown | 9 days 9 projects

Here is a list of the projects we picked up and thought would be fun, in random order.

Money Cash Envelope   |   Hexagon Messenger Bag  |   Passport Holder  |   Super Hero Doll  |  Elephant Mug Rug |   Newsboy Cap  |  Reuben the Donkey  |   Felt Doughnuts  |  T.V. Tray Cover

All projects have a double meaning if you haven’t noticed or didn’t pick up on.  This has been so fun to put together! Many a giggles were shared during the collection building.   

ie-  Money Cash Envelope-saving our pennies…it’s a hexagon instead of a pentagon…get it?!

What do  you think? How did we do?  We would love to hear how you interpreted their meaning.

Or better yet, what do you think we should do for day 10? Let us know!

{There is no need to have a debate over politics here– both parties are fully represented in the collection}

p.s.> Disclosure: I might make a few pennies on the links to help afford healthcare

I could go on and on…but I will spare you.

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