miss kitty in prims magazine
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I Can Finally Share My Secret

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I have been lingering around on this for a few months now….. me knowing.  You not.  It’s been killing me to keep it all to myself!  It has finally come that I can reveal a little secret about me- and Miss Kitty to everyone.

miss kitty in prims magazine

Miss Kitty has been published!!

I am totally humbled and excited to be featured in the PRIMS magazine published by Stampington.

This magazine has long been on my ‘favorite mag’ list and everytime I pick it up I am in awe with the talent and the dolls– oh the dolls.  I am kind of funny when it comes to these designers.  I always check them out online- the ones I love.  I love to dig a little bit deaper into who they are and what they do in addition to the dolls that I love.

After him-hawing about sending them something– what? is this good enough? I thought….what’s your problem? Send them Miss Kitties! So, off 3 of them went.



For me, I love primitive dolls.  They are simple, sweet and usually when I see them I feel the love oozzing out of their seams.  Miss Kitty is the first doll that I gave a try at painting face features… and even added painted pantaloons.  Her dress is a pillowcase style with button hinge arms.  She of course sports a vintage button on her flower on her head.  She is a pretty petite girl- around 6″ tall.

miss kitty in prims magazine

So, when you run into the issue {coming soon to a store new you} flip to the back and take a peak at Miss Kitty, she loves the attention.

It’s ok if you tell your friends you know someone famous too.  🙂

Would you be interested in a pattern for Miss Kitty?


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