How to Add a Pinterest Button to Your Shopify Store

Today we will show you how to add a Pinterest button to your Shopify store. Sharing your products by ‘word of mouth’ isn’t necessarily an option online.

The word of mouth comes from shares on social media. 

Having an easy way for your customers to share is really quite important.  Most of online users and shoppers are aware of and use Pinterest. 

The hover button allows your customers to hover over the image in your shop (or on your Shopify blog) and share any image on their own Pinterest account. 

This hover button doesn’t come with all the Shopify themes though, so you may find yourself needing to update and add some code to make it work on your theme. 

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How to Add a Pinterest Button to Your Shopify Store

Copy / Paste the script below: 

<script async defer data-pin-hover=”true” data-pin-tall=”true” data-pin-round=”true” data-pin-save=”false” src=”//”></script>

Place the script in the theme.liquid file in between the ‘head’ tag

How to add the code: 

1- click online store in the admin area

2- click Actions- Edit Code

3- find the theme.liquid file on the left menu

4- you’ll see the ‘head’ mentioned twice in the coding.  You’ll want to make sure the coding is in between those.

5- paste the code exactly as it’s shown

6- click save

That’s it! You can refresh any of your shop pages and check out the new Pinterest button added to your images when you hover over them. 

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