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Houston Quilt Market 2017

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This year was such a blast– I didn’t have a booth to do in Festival….and all things were calm- as calm as can be for quilt market!

Going is seriously one of my favorite things to do. There are quite a few people that I get to reconnect with- chat about new adventures and get introduced to new designers and companies.

One of my all time favorites about quilt market though is Schoolhouse.  It’s an all day even where every half hour or hour you jump from class to class to see and hear about new products, fabric lines and more.   It’s kind of crazy and there really isn’t a break for lunch, (I pack a few snacks to eat in between classes) but there are a few favorites that I love to attend every time. I’m on my own schedule and go where I want to….which is just lovely.

Here are a few of the classes I attended during schoolhouse-

I also took a few classes- one was machine quilting following lines and patterns. Kind of hard to do when I’m used to going all crazy town with free style machine quilting….following nothing and stitching whatever and wherever!  I did learn a few things though and it was so fun to do!

While I reminded myself quite a bit to take more pictures, actually taking them was still difficult!  Not sure what the deal is about getting it out and snapping a few shots with someone is, but I am one to just chat it up and not remember to do that!  So- this isn’t the longest post on the block about quilt market because of it.

This is a small and partial view of the floor.  It’s never ending and there is so much to see and do!  By the end you were still finding new booths that for some reason your plan of hitting all the aisles didn’t work and they hadn’t been seen yet!

I was able to watch a few presentations as well– Christa Quilts and Eleanor Burns

I also ran into Doohicky Designs, Sweet Bee Designs, Ten Sisters Quilts,

And there were a lot of others— but again,  didn’t take pictures!!!

Here are some goodies that I of course couldn’t leave without—

and the mounding pile that still needs some sorting!

So, after a week of down time and sorting and dreaming and recalling all the events that are packed into 4 days— it’s time to get back to work, pull out the fabric (not going to complain about that!) and get back to work.

There are some good things coming– to the blog, but especially to the IAQ group that is exciting.  Watch for the news!


2 thoughts on “Houston Quilt Market 2017

  1. Cheryl Thompson

    Love your photos of the quilt market. We have a ‘Road to California’ Quilt market in January. Can’t wait to go.

  2. Becky

    I’ve heard of that one, but haven’t ever gone. Might put it on my list!

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