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Free Printable Gift Planners

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Today I’m excited to share a free printable with  you – all about gift tracking!

Thing during the last couple of months of the year can be overly busy and sometimes confusing! I get all flustered if I don’t have a list to follow or something that helps guide me along the way.

I find it so much easier to have a couple of pages of papers to keep track of special gifts, project progress, birthdays and whatever else I need.

Am I speaking your language? Do you get all flustered not knowing or remembering what you had in mind for a specific person or a specific gift?

In the gift tracking free printables, I’m sharing 7 pages that hopefully you’ll find useful! There is a full binder here with over 45 pages as well.

Take a look at what’s included…

Free Printables for Gift Tracking:

Gift Registry- keep track of what you’ve made spend and who it’s for.

Gift Tracker– keep track of the progress of your gift.

Quilt Kit– build your own project kits. Great for keeping those parts and pieces all together.

Birthdays List– keep a monthly list of those special birthdays so you don’t forget!

Card Tracker- keep track of those holiday cards you send, you can keep track per year and mark off when it’s been sent.

Quilt Labels- these are great to print on fabric, or a fusible and then attach to your projects. There are two styles included, blank and made just for you.

Gift Labels- these are great for printing quickly and attaching to gifts.

Download your quilt group binder freebie here:  FREE GIFT PRINTABLES

These are also available in the quilt library – login here

All the pages are in a black and white format- easy on the printer and the cost to print.

For the quilt labels- you can follow this tutorial on making your own fabric quilt labels.

What you’ll want to gather if you don’t have already:


With over 45 pages, the complete binder will have all the pages you need + quilt labels and gift tags. Check it out here.

How do you keep track of your gifts?

2 thoughts on “Free Printable Gift Planners

  1. Arlene A Jorgenson

    Just printed my Planner and I am very impressed!
    PS We’re probably related! My grandfather’s name was changed from Jorgensen when they immigrated in 1932 from Norway to the Canadian prairies.

  2. Becky

    yay!! I love that you love it. Am excited to hear more about how you’ll use it. I have no idea about my husbands heritage…but I’m pretty sure there is a connection somewhere! I’ll have to take a look.

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