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Eliza’s First Quilt

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Today was a special day for miss Eliza.  She has finished her very first quilt.  She is currently 8 years old {birthday coming up soon!}

She loves to sew.  Almost as much as me (i am so proud. sniff sniff.)  

At a sewing day at my moms house this last year, my mom pulled out her old bernina –still totally an awesome work horse though…and let her give it a go.  This girls knows how to thread it –yay!– and sew a nice straight line.  We are still working on the 1/4" seam, but for the most part she is a great little sewist.  My mom even sent a bag of scraps which she digs through and uses.

She decided to get the machine out last weekend and has been snipping and sewing away.  She had all these blocks made and was wanting to give them away.  We decided to put a little quilt together.  

There was a little boy in her class whose parent's were on vacation in Hawaii 2 weeks ago.  They got the news that there had been an accident and he lost his mom and his dad was very injured.  The whole class was in turmoil over this loss because the mom had volunteered and each of the kids knew who she was and thought she was the best mom ever {apparently she had games, treats and smiles for them all} Most of the class donated little stuffed animals to the family –he had an older sister.  Eliza wanted to do something a little different.  She wanted to make him a quilt.

What a great way to get her sewing and boy is she generous!  What a story to tell when she grows up and others ask her where her first quilt is.

She sewed everything –except for the last stitch all the way around the quilt after it had been turned.  that was me.  She is the one who cut, designed and sewed together the blocks.  She even sewed the back and batting on.  She did a wonderful job, and makes her mother proud!

I had to get the quilt back out of the box she wrapped it in to take the pics before she left for school today— i almost missed the first quilt photo!

3 thoughts on “Eliza’s First Quilt

  1. Cassandra

    Good work, Miss Eliza! It is a beautiful quilt! 🙂 🙂

  2. Kim

    wow what a sweetheart she is! and what a great quilt!

  3. Gail

    Way to go Eliza – – – keep up the good work!!!! Nicw colors & contrast!!!!

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