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Candlestick Cake Stand Tutorial

These were sooo super cute at the tea party the other day— and I made them….and to tell you the truth, they are one of the easiest things to make. No. Seriously…read on and be surprised. 🙂

Cake Stand Tutorial Patchwork Posse

~~Cake Stand Tutorial~~

Materials Needed:

* random candlesticks, gobblets or anything that would be cute for the base.  Find them at thrift stores, garage sales…your moms kitchen. hee hee.  No, mom. I did not take your stuff….

* random plates.  They can be different sizes.  I used platters, serving dishes {the white on has the cup spot}, little tea plates or whatever.

* Glue.  I used an apoxy glue.  You squeeze it and then mix the 2 and voila! you have super glue that works on everything.  It also smells up your house.  It reminded me of the home perm smell.  I think I had 1 too many of those. 🙂

glue for cakestand tutorial

Now you are ready to start making them!  I suggets getting all your supplies there and ready. The glue does dry a bit quick and you need everything right there- ready to go.  Also, make more than one!  You will end up sharing a few so you might as well prepare for it now.

Cake Stand Instructions:

Step 1:

Find cute plates

Find cute stands:

cake stand plates

cake stand tutorial

Step 2)  Match up a pair and glue them.

Step 3)  Lay your plates upside down and stick the stand on the back. Push gently and let dry.

cake stand tutorial

Step 4) Wrap the stem with tutu stuff, ribbon or whatever…..put on display or use them at your next party!

cake stand tutorial

These would be great for any kind of get together– sewing groups, dinner parties, brunches….whatever!


4 thoughts on “Candlestick Cake Stand Tutorial

  1. Freeindeed

    I gotta make me a few of these! I love dishes and it seems easier to look for single cute plates than an entire set (which is what I keep looking for). Love to have a nice setting occassionally. Good job!

  2. Stacy

    I'm going to raid the local thrift shop this weekend! What a fabulous idea!!

  3. whosies

    this is great for those lost dishes–


  4. whosies

    that is sooo the best place! makes it cheaper too- and there are some cute ones!


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