Using fusible Web on Ribbon

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Using ribbon in your sewing projects can be awesome and fun!   They add a little bit of bunch, pattern and color to anything you put in on.

Keeping them in place is another issue though.  They come in different widths and can be tricky to get to stay in place while sewing other pieces of the project.

Sewing the sides can take time, the pins can get in the way and they seem to scootch around and place themselves where you don’t really need them to go!

Using fusible web is there to help!

fusible web on ribbon tutorial | patchwork posse #howto #ribbon

1)  Measure your ribbon

2)  Cut strips of fusible web just a bit smaller than the measurement of your ribbon


3)  Fuse the strip to the wrong side of the ribbon

4)  Peel paper and place where you’d like it to be

5)  Fuse into place.  Repeat with other ribbons

ribbon clutch tutorial

Depending on the fusible stregnth, you might want to add another bit of security by sewing down both sides of the ribbon.  This will allow the project to be washable too without the ribbon coming loose.

Do you have a trick on keeping that ribbon or other little bits in place?  Share them!

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