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Patchwork Round Robin Row #9 with Barbara

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Row #9 is here! And it is a cutie!! Barbara from Stone Cottage Quilts has designed the row– Ant Picnic.  Totally cute and wonderful, I tell you!!

Here is a bit about Barbara:

Stone Cottage Designs began in 1999, though I began designing quilts at least 20 years before that. I began quilting just this side of the last ice age.

My Grandma started my patchwork career with a 3" cardboard template and a pencil, which I promtly lost, so I changed to a ball point pen,which I shudder to think about today.
I didn't think it was very fair that I had to sew each block by hand when my older sister was able to use the sewing machine.


Oh boy those blocks with the wobbly half inch seams were something to behold. It only took 10+ years to finish, just in time to get married. I didn't understand about the quality of fabrics and threads back then. We used that first quilt to death, so it has long since disappeared, but it started me on a life long love of fabrics and fibers.

The pattern does have some applique, but if you'd like you can use the Raw Edge Applique Tutorial to make it a bit more whimsy-ish.


Thanks Barbara for sharing your wonderful talent with the rest of us!  Please hop on over to Barbara's blog and say hello:  Stone Cottage Quilts

and her website 

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