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Learn how the Patchwork Planner will help you get your projects laid out step by step and onto your calendar.
New weekly and daily pages + bundles of extras like notes, resources, shopping lists and swatch keepers.

Buy the Patchwork Planner here.

I’m super excited about the new layout (as far as access goes) for the planner.

It’s all about making it personalized and all about you.

You are able to print off what you’d like, build a planner you’ll actually use and love!

The whole planner is still intact. There were not many updates on those pages. You’ll still see the monthly calendar, the monthly tracking sheets and yearly review and finishes list.

The beauty is the ability to build your own planner. This is how it works….

After purchase you’ll find login information to access everything.

Inside your login area you’ll find all the sections of the planner. You’re able to pop into one of the sections and browse the file and download the pages you want.

After downloading, you’ll be able to print the pages. You have full control over this. No need to only have one monthly project tracking sheet. You can have 10 or whatever copies you want.

Here’s a quick view of how this works:

From the video you can see the different pages and layouts there were added.

Here are a few new additions – daily pdfs, weekly pdfs, notes, passwords, shopping lists, project planning, inventory tracking.
You’ll also find the yearly plan and review your year videos (new ones coming in December)

Everything in one place. Login – print what you need.

There are a few options when it comes to putting your planner together. You can use the traditional 3 ring binder. These are perfect and really simple to start and use.

The other is the disc system. There is a punch you can use and discs you can buy making it just as simple as the 3 ring binder.

You can also choose to send the files to a local print shop, UPS print or Fedex print. There are a few options to have the spiral bound as well. This is a great option if you really want a hard copy or spiral bound planner.

The 3 ring binder and disc system allows you to add and remove and rearrange the pages to your needs… adding that customization again to the planner.

You’ll notice that the monthly calendars are dated. This is to help you keep on track for the year. They are ready to be filled in with your projects, your classes and retreats.

Near the end of the year, you’ll be given an option to pick up a new set of calendars for the next year.

The files and layouts are really easy to print and easy on the print cost. They are currently black and white. There are some plans in the future to add some fun color to it, but for now – you can add your own color with some markers or coloring pencils. This really needed to be cost effective as possible so having it in a simple design and easy to print was the best option for now.

You can see all about what’s included here.

Buy full access to the Patchwork Planner here.

I’m super excited though about the new layouts that are coming along – colored and fun designs… as well as some additional products that will go along side the planner, like a journal.

So watch for those announcements during next year!

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