Mini Rococo Gardens Quilt Pattern

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At the last quilt group meeting there was this little quilt held up during show and tell-  Do you recognize this quilt pattern? 


It's a mini Rococo Gardens Quilt!!! 

free quilt pattern rococo gardens

I am not sure how Jill did it– I am usually the one who does the miniaturizing around here!  I think she said that she reduced the size of them by half? yeah. 

Anyways— I love it when others aren't afraid to do what they want with what they have!  That's how creativeness starts….. at least mine did. 

She has shrunk it down so now instead of a Queen size quilt, it is a baby sized quilt!  I love the pink and brown combination and the stripes! I am inspired when others aren't afraid of patterns too- 

You can find the free quilt pattern here: Rococo Gardens Quilt Pattern

Also shown at the meeting were a few that I loved the patterns of-

quilt show  DSC00896-p

I do have to totally mention that Carol VanZandt is the designer of the fabric and if you would like to create yours using the same as I did— Clickety Click here

Is there a quilt pattern that you would love to miniaturize?


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