Fabric Pumpkins {52 Quilt Block Pick Up}

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I love it when there is a project that you can do in like- 2 seconds…and all the supplies are in the house {or around it}!!  This is one of those that is on the top of the ‘get it done now’ list.

This one requires no sewing machine…..just a good hand for stuffing!  For the stick– send your kiddos outside to dig around for a little bit, I am sure they will find multiple possibilities to give a try.

no sew pumpkin for the fall / patchworkposse.com

 Stuffed Fabric Pumpkins

Materials needed:

1 roll toilet paper


fat quarter of Halloween or Fall fabric –or use a quilt block that is large enough to stuff


Leave- real or fake will work

materials needed for fabric pumpkin

1)  wrap newspaper around toilet paper– this gives it a bit more texture and oomph

2)  place toilet paper in the center of the fat quarter/quilt block.  Wrap fat quarter/quilt block around the newpaper/toilet roll- stuffing into top hole

3)  continue stuffing fat quarter into the top hole of the toilet paper roll

4)  stick a twig and leaf in the hole at the top.  Twist some twirly wire and stuff into top with the twig and leaf

fabric pumpkin with a roll of toilet paper / patchworkposse.com

Repeat multiple times for a super cute and easy Fall project.

I am thinking you could ‘display’ it on the toilet and if you run out– you just redocorate!

I looked and looked, but since I am really not an orange fabric kind of gal, I couldn’t find one quilt block that would fit the pumpkin fabric kind of theme.

Do you have a quilt block that you could use for this? 

easiest fabric pumpkin you can make! patchworkposse.com

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