Easy Sewing Projects and Tutorials

Patchwork Posse is all about sharing easy sewing projects and quick, simple tutorials.  Click on the images below to instantly check out the posts that have been shared.  The list is ever growing so don’t forget to check back often, or sign up for updates!

4 thoughts on “Easy Sewing Projects and Tutorials

  1. Donna Blankinship

    Hi I would really like to get the two bunny patterns you showed one of which I think your
    daughter made. They are so cute I have a 10 year old who would love to make some.
    Thank you Donna

  2. ruth

    dissapointed as a group of oldies want to sew some toys for princess margaret hosal in wa and i cant download yout bunny pattern if you have any others suitable pleas let us know even if we have to buy as i have lots of scraps that have been dond thanks ruth

  3. ruth

    donated sorry but every time i go to download on your site its an advertismet

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